My Magnificat

zechariahs-songA while back I wrote a reflection for my parish inviting people to sit down and write their magnificat; their own version of the Canticle of Mary, or Zechariah, or Simeon.  That reflection can be found here.

Shortly after that I issued the same challenge to the Youth Group I work with.  Below is my own magnificat.  I invite you to write your own, put to paper how your soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord and then share it.  Share it in person, share it on facebook, share in the comments section here; but share the glory of the Lord for He shares it with us.Mary's Greatness

The Canticle of Spencer

See the vastness of the Lord’s strength & mercy,
To show such goodness to one like me.
His wisdom is far above, and I far below.
Yet, upon me, a great grace does He bestow.
He calls upon me to be like He is:
To love as He loves and give as He gives;
To forgive, to follow, and to father;
To lead my family further and further.
He calls me to do things that are impossible,
Yet, in His unfailing justice He makes them possible.
You equip us for the work of our call,
Oh Lord, always providing for us all.
You are faithful and in You we can trust,
For to all you are generous, loving, merciful, and just.

I marvel in His victory
I stand in awe of His mercy,
but above all I am speechless
that He wants me as His witness.
He is the Prince of Peace, our one Mediator
Yet he wishes me to be His ambassador.
He redeems us and saves us from sin, but that is not all.
He commissions us, sends us, and saves us for His great purpose, His call.

I praise that He brings us together as one,
In a unity that none thought could be done.
But, Lord, when we still feel alone, abandoned, and at a loss,
remind us that we can find you waiting for us on the Cross.

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