Saint Songs

Last year for All Saint’s Day, the teens in our Youth Ministry either drew, sang, or acted out highlights from various Saints lives.  While cleaning the Youth Room today I came across some of the lyrics from the two songs and couldn’t resist sharing them.

The first is about St. Augustine and is to music from “Party in the USA”

So I put my hands up
And surrender to Godhuman-hands-2
All doubts fly away
Reading your word all day
Reading your word all night
I put my hands up
You have my all
No, I won’t turn back,
Yeah, I party for God now

The second is about St. Thomas the Apostle and is to the music from (don’t judge, they really redeemed a terrible song) “I Like Big Butts”

I like Jesus, and I cannot liecarav10
but when you tell me Jesus came alive
from the grave,
I doubt,
how’s that workout?
Lemme put my finger in dat side!

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