Fight the New Drug Articles

stop-the-girlIf you are trying to get past using porn, these articles might stir up memories you don’t want, otherwise this is really telling information and can be a reality check.

“Woah. Really not cool.”  This sums up this article the best and really this captures why I stopped working in bookstores where I had to sell this stuff.
This Year’s Most Popular Genre of Porn is Pretty Messed Up

“Does it make it okay that this word, which is meant to be used to describe the most intimate of feelings and deepest of affection, is now the most common word on a site that shows the complete opposite of love?”
Oh, The Irony. The Most Used Word In Porn Site Comments Is…

“Literature like Fifty Shades of Grey is referred to as erotica and can be just as harmful in warping ideas about sex and intimacy as pornographic videos and images are.”
Five Things ’50 Shades of Grey’ Teaches

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