7 Practical Tips for RCIA Sponors

RCIA is not a journey that is meant to be taken alone, so, I want to offer 7 Practical Tips for Sponsors.  Many of these I’ve generated from looking back over my experience as an RCIA sponsor.  These are things I wish someone would have summarized for me.

*Disclaimer: each tip will alternate between masculine and feminine pronouns to represent both without adding the bulkiness of constantly writing he/she, him/her.

1. PRAY, Pray, pray

imagesPRAY about: If/when you are asked to be someone’s sponsor, go to prayer about it.  Is this something you should accept?  Do you have the courage to have tough conversations with him?  Do you have the compassion to walk with him through the struggles?  Do you have the understanding to be patient when Catholicism just seems WEIRD to him?  Someone who takes this journey seriously is not going to be offended by your discernment, he will be comforted.

Pray with: If you accept, make a habit of praying with the person you are sponsoring.  Help this person feel comfortable praying as he always has as a non-Catholic and help as he (possibly awkwardly) becomes familiar with some of the distinctly Catholic styles of prayer.

pray for: In secret, wrap this person your own intercessions.  He is entering a time of growth and change and you have agreed to support him with your prayers.

2. Commit to Her more than the Goal

If you discern to be her sponsor, commit to a relationship that goes beyond your “role” or “use.”  Too many of our relationships are shaped by utility.  We figure out the use of someone in our life and after they have served their purpose or if they fail to, we discard them.  This should not be your relationship as sponsor.  After Easter Vigil, you still have a place in her life and vice versa.  Even if she doesn’t become Catholic, your relationship doesn’t end.  You have committed to be invested in her spiritual life.

3. Articulate Why He is Becoming Catholic

94be88beb859216766ddf98fd4993bfdYou need to be able to articulate why the person you are sponsoring wants to explore Catholicism.  Making sure you can repeat to him why he is exploring Catholicism ensures that he knows why.  Also, there are going to be times that he will need you to remind him of why he set out on this journey in the first place.

4. You are Vouching for Her to the Church more than you are Vouching for the Church to Hersticker,375x360.u2

Yes, you might help answer questions, but there are plenty of books, radio shows, and people who are incredibly skilled at answering questions about the faith.  And, yes, these are important for you to explore together.  However, these people don’t have the same level of relationship that you have with the person you are sponsoring.  You will vouch that she is ready to make this commitment and understands what she is undertaking.

5. Accountability

Since you are expected to vouch for this person with integrity  you might have to hold him accountable about some things.  Seriously, in front of the whole congregation — in the middle of Mass — the priest will ask you if your candidate or catechumen is taking this journey seriously.  You have the challenge and honor of being his accountability partner through this whole journey.  This is good because everyone in the Church needs accountability, which leads to number 6.

6. Equipping Her for the Human Side of the Church

cc6788427c4b7c3a6fcb95e4e1bfaec7Try as you might to take your candidate or catechumen under your protective wing and shield her from the humanity in the Church, she will undoubtedly encounter the scandalous side of the Church; us.  In the words of Pope Francis, we are a “field hospital.”  Even the wounded soldier is probably disturbed to see the wounds of others.  In the same way, as sinners entering the Church we are disturbed to see the sins of others.  We can either take from that a spirit of despair and scandal, or we can take heart that this is where sins are diagnosed and treated.

So as a sponsor you have a choice, shelter her and leave her woefully unprepared or help prepare her so that the wounds of others don’t become her own crisis of faith.

7. Emotional Grounding

Finally, this process can be difficult, taxing, exciting, scary, joyful, anxiety ridden, and lonely.  You are here to help this person.  As gifts from God, emotions aren’t bad, but we sometimes need help sorting through them.   If you can, help him celebrate the positive and work through the negative.  That might play out through listening or showing empathy.  This might involve acting on number 3 and reminding him why he started the journey in the first place.  All of the time it should bring you back to number 1 as you go with this person before the Lord in prayer and hand it all over to God.

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