Good Things About the Song “Take me to Church.”

Mmmm… Hedotarian Juice

So there is a song by Hozier called “Take Me to Church.”

If you were to take all of the fruits of our utilitarian, hedonistic society and run them through a juicer; you would get the lyrics of this song.

roundheadhaircutNot surprisingly then, it doesn’t take a trained ear to recognize how this song runs counter to a Christian (specifically Catholic) worldview.  And no, we aren’t a bunch of puritans.

The sensual pleasures of this life can be and are a good, but in the Christian worldview they certainly don’t define what is good and they have limits as they are a lower good.  For example, part of the reason affairs are wrong is because fidelity is a higher good than sexual pleasure.  But I digress this post is called “Good Things About the Song ‘Take me to Church’.”

So let’s reflect on what is good.

Batman approves.

Well, it ends after about 4 minutes, and that seems immensely better than 5 minutes.

Yup, that’s all I got.

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