Why I Expected the Supreme Court’s Decision

I expected the ruling from the Supreme Court that we received.  This ruling isn’t the decision that has now started an avalanche.  The avalanche started a long time ago, this is just on the same slope.

Here is what I mean.  Culturally and within our churches we’ve allowed heterosexual marriages to exist singularly for the mutual satisfaction of the partners, aka we’ve accepted a relational view of marriage.  That might not be how marriage was defined in documents, but that is how we’ve been living and talking; marrying and divorcing; educating and forming.  In allowing this de facto switch to view heterosexual marriages relationally we could not coherently evaluate homosexual marriages by a conjugal standard.  To put it bluntly – I can’t say I’m opposed to homosexual marriage because the parts don’t fit if I approve of people disabling the parts in the first place.

The reality is, that many of us who see this ruling as a redefining of marriage need to admit that marriage was redefined a while ago.  We’ve tried to coexist with a double standard for too long and one side of that standard eventually had to give.  Instead of submitting heterosexual marriages to a conjugal view of marriage again, we’ve gone the other way.  The country has solidified its support of a relational view of marriage.

One thought on “Why I Expected the Supreme Court’s Decision

  1. Jayne Bray

    Great piece, Spencer, but perhaps more clarity is needed especially for us poor Protestants (and lapsed Roman Catholics). Marriage for pleasure only (limiting the children but not the activity) is not Biblical marriage. Cant have your cake and eat it too.


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