The Carpet Cobra

Resting on my couch
I but looked to my side

and beheld a carpet cobra
sitting on its rug
of pink, blue and aqua

propped up looking longingly
at the red rug before the fireplace
with its white flowers and

its white border
like a bird’s eye view
of a citadel’s wall

or perhaps toward the barren fireplace
with its nooks and crannies
that offer safe haven

its left over sticks and ash
that offer some disguise

my curiosity kills me,
but I’ll leave the carpet cobra
where it rests on its rug

for I do not wish to confirm
that it is but a curved and propped
stretch of vine that fell
by the fire’s wayside

instead I will return to my
fanciful book of poetry and
let my imagination win out over
reason, as that carpet cobra slithers away

Written in 2009 or 2010 and inspired by Billy Collins’ Absence


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