Remember Who You Are

Jesus is bold.  Do you think about that much?  You could rightly call Him lowly, meek, or humble, but you can’t call Him a coward.  He listened to the command of scripture to “Be not afraid,” because He knew who He was.  If you want to see this in practice, just look to our Gospel reading today (Luke 6:1-5).

disciplesLuke captured the scene of Jesus leading His disciples through a field of grain and allowing them to crush the seeds in their hands on the Sabbath (cause you know, they never packed food).  In response to this, the Pharisees came down on Jesus accusing Him of unlawfulness.  Confronted with this accusation Jesus stood His ground and said, “Have you not read what David did…”lord-of-the-sabbath-5

Is Jesus meek? Sure.  Humble?  Of course.  Afraid?  Doesn’t seem to be.  He not only publicly critiqued the Pharisees’ knowledge of scripture, but then drew an analogy between David and himself.  I’m sorry, but setting yourself and your questionable actions beside the renowned national hero of your people is gutsy.  But Jesus knew that He would far surpass David.  David became a lord of the Sabbath people; Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath.

So how does that impact us?  This is where the first reading (Col 1:21-23) comes into play.  Jesus knew who He was and was not afraid.  Our passage from Colossians today reminds us who we are so that we too may not be afraid.   Whether you are in the midst of a time of fear; or if you are surrounded by so much good that you fear something is about to go wrong; or if you are like my wife and I, just trying to find the new normal after a big change; wherever you are in life, I ask you to spend some time praying that Colossians passage.  1383865627To quote Mufasa from The Lion King, “Remember who you are.”  If we remember who we are, what business do we have being afraid?  But too often in our time of fear Jesus could echo these words of Mufasa to us, “You have forgotten who you are and so have forgotten me.”

So let us remember who we are!  Pray with that Colossians passage, because our identity comes from Our courageous Lord, whose boldness took him to the cross to reconcile you; to reconcile us.  And not even Death could defeat Him!  This is the good news.

So, be not afraid!  We are disciples of the Lord of the Sabbath.


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