Eating with Bones

My wife and I are now into the 4th week after Hosanna was born and we have had many incredibly generous people bring us food to help with this significant change.

One meal in particular was a delicious fish dish.  The cook, in order to capture the full flavor, left the bones in the fish.  Thus, our meal was eaten at a more deliberate pace, each bite was savored a little more than usual as our tongues sought out any bones our fingers might have missed.  With a 17 month old and a newborn we would not have chosen to eat at this pace.  We are busy young couple with lots to do!  But the potential risk of bones slowed us down, and undoubtedly, helped us enjoy our meal even more.  As I ate this meal for the second time, tentatively working through each piece of fish looking for that bone that was going to get me, I began to wonder how often I ignore the bones in other places.

Do I read scripture with the caution that Peter advises so I don’t twist anything to my own destruction (2 Peter 3:16)?  Do I listen to preaching in a way that savors it and allows it to speak to me or do I listen to see if the preacher brings up my favorite talking points?  In my attempt to rush to get Ignatius ready do I forget to enjoy just sitting on the floor with him listening to his music box?  Do I allowing myself to slow down and savor what I have?

Not all bones are visible, and not all will hurt you right away, but I think I can say with confidence, I’ve swallowed too many already, and am ready to savor more and rush less.

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