Correct Correction

In our passage from Romans today we find Paul saying, “I myself am convinced about you, my brothers and sisters, that you yourselves are full of goodness, filled with all knowledge, and able to admonish one another.”  I think the order he presents here is the recipe for being able to correct one another or receive correction as Christians.

Brothers and Sisters
First, there needs to be a recognition of the familial nature of our faith.  If I see you as another member of the club you are fleeting and transient.  However, if I see you as my sibling, then we are in this together for life.  Thus, whether I am correcting you or you are correcting me, we are there in the long run.

Full of Goodness
To be full of goodness is to live a life of charitable love reflecting the Lord’s.  Christ’s love is never self-interested, so if we are reflecting his love then there is confidence and reassurance that correction isn’t coming from a desire to boost my own ego.

Filled with all Knowledge
As a human with finite knowledge, this phrase means two things to me.  The Holy Spirit, who possesses all knowledge is dwelling in me.  That doesn’t mean I know everything He knows, rather He gives me the wisdom to know what I don’t know, and either for correcting or receiving correction, that is of great importance.

Admonish One Another
Finally, at the end of the recipe Paul presents admonishment, because he knows that we need to look out for one another, but we need to do it as siblings, in love, and wisdom, and ultimately for the good of their pursuit of the Lord.


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