QotD – Love, a more cogent teacher – 2.8.2016

“We cannot help conforming ourselves to those we love.  It is in this sense, I think, that the great apostle says that, ‘the law is not made for the just.’  In fact, the just man is not just unless he has holy love.  If he has love, there is no need to urge him on with the rigor of the law, since love is a more cogent teacher and solicitor to persuade a heart possessing it to obey the will and intentions of its beloved. … Love is a magistrate who exercises his authority without noise, without bailiffs or sergeants-at-arms, but merely by that mutual complacence whereby, just as we find pleasure in God, so also we reciprocally desire to please Him.” (Sales, Francis de. Finding God’s Will for You. 8)


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