Emmanuel – Deus Nobiscum

The prefix con-, which means “with” or “thoroughly,” appears in numerous English vocabulary words. – http://membean.com/wrotds/con-with

In Communion, I consume the one who is consubstantial.
Concomitantly, I am consummated into this Communion of Persons.
I become contained within his confidence.
The happy consequence of this should show on my countenance.
Assuming, my conscience does not convict me
of conceding to my concupiscence.
Constantly I am in conflict with forces trying to make grace continent.
For this conjugal call requires complete concession.
It is contradictory to conceive of Christ’s role in my life as constrained.
This is not a conciliar relationship
where we converse about concessions we both can make.
This is not a loose confederation
where Christ is only of consequence in conceding members of my person.
No, I must confess that Christ holds the conch.
I am a concentric circle around God
who condescended to become concrete for me.
Yet I confiscate his rightful place,
construing Him as little more than a condiment
on this conglomerate we conceive as life.
When I do so I conceal my need for him to consecrate my concussed heart.
His Spirit must settle upon me like condensation.
I need Christ to conquer my soul as he concurrently conquers the world.
I need His grace without condition,
like a divine contagion with little concern for confinement
to where I conceive of Him as convenient.
I must be the concelebrant in the sacrifice of my being.
That is the conduit by which it is conceivable
that I might contemplate
the face of Emmanuel,
God thoroughly with us.

Deus Nobiscum.


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