QotD – More than Theology – 05.17.2016

Still, it’s no doubt that one doesn’t automatically become more just and gentle or wiser and more faithful by occupying oneself with God and the Church.

Unfortunately, that’s true.  By itself studying theology doesn’t make a person better.  It helps to make him better when he doesn’t pursue it just as a theory but tries to get a better understanding of himself and of man and the world as a whole in what he reads and then tries to appropriate it as a form of life.  But in itself theology is primarily an intellectual occupation, above all when it is pursued with scholarly rigor and seriousness.  It can have repercussions on one’s attitude as a human being, but it doesn’t necessarily make man better as such.

(Peter Seewald interviewing Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger in Salt of the Earth, 12)


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