book_of_eli_posterBess and I just watched The Book of Eli.  It was a re-watching for both of us but it was the first time we watched it together.  For me, I was also watching it in a very different season of life.

It is so interesting the impact that can have on us.  When I first saw the movie, shortly out of college, I was interested in how the movie used the Bible to construct a post-apocalyptic action movie.

When watched it recently, as an active Christian, I was so interested in what they had to say about the Bible and how they treated it.  As the credits rolled I really wanted to know if the Hughes brothers and Gary Whitta (who, btw, IMDB credits as a writer for Star Wars: Rogue One) have a deeper level to the story or was the Bible just a convenient storytelling device familiar to most western audiences.

Anyway, it has just been interesting to reflect on how drastically our different seasons of life change how we process the same information.


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