First Impressions (1.28.2017)

Scripture Readings

In today’s Gospel passage the disciples ask, “Who then is this whom even wind and sea obey?”  It is a good question.  It is also a little bit of a strange question.  Who is this is something you ask someone on the phone or you might ask a stranger who they are.  However in this instance, Jesus’ disciples are asking, “Who then is this”?

We really only do this when we realize we got something seriously wrong about someone.  It might become evident to us that we missed a part of someone’s personality or that we grossly underestimated this person.

Asking “Who is this?” after we’ve known someone for a little while seems like a good indicator that our first impression was wrong.  For the disciples this happened too.  As they stood in awe they likely realized that their first impressions of Jesus missed the mark.

To many, Jesus appeared to be a teacher, and healer whose prayer had real power.  The apostles even wake him from his sleep with the title ‘teacher.’  But he shows himself to be far more than a teacher.

In the calming of the storm, it is telling that Jesus does not pray for the storm to be calm, but merely orders it to happen.  This seems to wreak the apostles’ first impression of Jesus.  Hence the wonder and awe they experienced.

What about us?  Do we remember our first impression of Jesus?  Should we hang on to this first impression or do we need let it go as we get to know him better?  Have we grossly underestimated Jesus?

– Spencer Hargadon

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