Shackles & Chains

Last time when we reflected upon Mark 5:1-20 we stayed in the beginning.  Primarily we reflected on the fact that the man Christ met was possessed.  That reflection can be found in this post.  Our previous reflection took us through Mark 5:1 & 2.  Now we’ll continue on to verses 3-6.  Here is 3-5 in full: Continue reading “Shackles & Chains”


Who Does Christ Meet First?

Sin is the ultimate illusion.  So often we can think a sinful thought or action will take us one direction and before we know it we are being led another.  Sin’s capacity to hoodwink us is showcased in Mark 5:1-20.  I want to take this passage in segments, so I’ll quote a brief section, offer a brief reflection and then next time move further into the passage.  I want to look at this passage allegorically.  This doesn’t mean that I’m dismissing the literal.  I believe one of Christ’s ministries was and still is deliverer and exorcist, but I want to look beyond that into some of the deeper meanings found within these events.  Specifically, I want to talk about the illusion of sin, the sleight of hand it does with freedom, and Christ’s ability to dispense with all these smoke and mirrors. Continue reading “Who Does Christ Meet First?”