QotD – Kateri Tekakwitha – 06.01.2016

“I am not my own; I have given myself to Jesus. He must be my only love. The state of helpless poverty that may befall me if I do not marry does not frighten me. All I need is a little food and a few pieces of clothing. With the work of my hands I shall always earn what is necessary and what is left over I’ll give to my relatives and to the poor. If I should become sick and unable to work, then I shall be like the Lord on the cross. He will have mercy on me and help me, I am sure.” (St. Kateri Tekakwitha)

QotD – O Lord and Lover of Souls – 05.24.2016

“For with you great strength abides always;
who can resist the might of your arm?
Indeed, before you the whole universe is a grain from a balance,
or a drop of dew come down upon the earth.
But you have mercy on all, because you can do all things;
and you overlook the sins of men that they might repent.
For you love all things that are
and loathe nothing that you have made;
for what you hated you would not have fashioned.
And how could a thing remain, unless you willed it;
or be preserved, had it not been called forth by you?
But you spare all things, because they are yours, O Lord and lover of souls.”

(Wisdom 11:21-26)

QotD – Not an Optional Contribution – 05.23.2016

“The presentation of the Gospel message is not an optional contribution for the Church.  It is the duty incumbent on her by the command of the Lord Jesus, so that people can believe and be saved.  This message is indeed necessary.
It is unique.
It cannot be replaced.
It does not permit either indifference, syncretism or accommodation.
It is a question of people’s salvation.
It is the beauty of the Revelation that it represents.
It brings with it a wisdom that is not of this world.
It is able to stir up by itself faith – faith that rests on the power of God.
It is truth.”

(Paul VI, On Evangelization in the Modern World (Evangelii Nuntiandi), 4-5)

QotD – Art is Elemental – 05.22.2016

Yes, art is elemental.  Reason alone as it’s expressed in the sciences can’t be man’s complete answer to reality, and it can’t express everything man can, wants to, and has to express.  I think God built this into man.  Art along with science is the highest gift God has given him. (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Salt of the Earth, 47)

QotD – Cognitive Dissonance – 05.21.2016

Your man has been accustomed, ever since he was a boy, to have a dozen incompatible philosophies dancing around together inside his head.  He doesn’t think of doctrines as primarily ‘true’ or ‘false’, but as ‘academic’ or ‘practical’, ‘outworn’ or ‘contemporary’, ‘conventional’ or ‘ruthless’.  Jargon, not argument, is you best ally in keeping him from the Chruch.  Don’t waste time trying to make him think that materialism true!  Make him think it is strong, or stark, or courageous–that it is the philosophy of the future.  That’s the sort of thing he cares about.   – Uncle Screwtape to Wormwood

(C.S. Lewis, Screwtape Letters, Letter 1)

QotD – Mama Ecclesia – 05.20.2016

Salvation comes from God alone; but because we receive the life of faith through the Church, she is our mother: “We believe the Church as the mother of our new birth, and not in the Church as if she were the author of our salvation.” Because she is our mother, she is also our teacher in the faith. …  As a mother who teaches her children to speak and so to understand and communicate, the Church our Mother teaches us the language of faith in order to introduce us to the understanding and the life of faith. (CCC 169-171)

This is the Church: a mother who has at heart the good of her children.  And since we are the Church, we are called to live this same spiritual, maternal attitude towards our brothers and sisters, by welcoming, forgiving and inspiring trust and hope. (Pope Francis, March 9, 2014)