The Holy Spirit Annoys Us

“The Holy Spirit annoys us, because he moves us, he makes us travel, he pushes the Church forward. And we are like Peter at the Transfiguration: ‘Oh, how wonderful it is for us to be here all together!’ as long as it does not inconvenience us.

“We would like the Holy Spirit to doze off.  We want to subdue the Holy Spirit.  And that just will not work.  For he is God, and he is that wind that comes and goes, and you do not know from where.  He is the strength of God; it is he who gives us consolation and strength to continue forward.  To go forward! And this is bothersome.  Convenience is nicer.”  – Papa Frank

CREDIT: Reproduced from Through the Year with Pope Francis (ed. Kevin Cotter, Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Division, 2013).

Parenting Advice #1 – I Bet You Think This Song is About You

month_15Children are wonderful little creatures.  They are cute, playful, and full of wonder.  They do the strangest things at the most bizarre times and often seem to lack rhyme or reason.  About 60% of the time this trait is endearing, the other 40% of the time it just adds stress to a day that is already stacked with strange things happening at bizarre times for no reason.  And let’s not forget that 90% of the time the behavior that you find stressful your spouse finds endearing.  Anyway, this leads to my first piece of advice to young parents – aka myself. Continue reading “Parenting Advice #1 – I Bet You Think This Song is About You”

Keep it Simple

Scripture Readings

Scripture has a way of throwing in clever quips that go over our heads sometimes because of familiarity.  Fr. James Martin talks about this in his book, Between Heaven and Mirth: Why Joy, Humor, and Laughter Are at the Heart of the Spiritual Life.  He mentions that many of the parables and sayings of Jesus were likely humorous to their first audience.  That doesn’t cheapen Christ’s words.  For as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Joyce, and even Eminem tell us, “Many a true word is spoken in jest.”  So what 2000 year old joke are we missing today?  I think if we look to our two figures in the Gospel we will find it.  Continue reading “Keep it Simple”