Ite Missa Est Reflections

header-logoThese are reflections that I write for Ite Missa Est, my parish’s Adult Faith Formation.

I have struggled with the best way to organize all of these reflections.  After thinking about it way too much, they will be alphabetical but listed with the Liturgical Calendar date (4th Ord. – Sat. – Year A) and the Secular calendar date (10.1.2016).  So if you are looking for something specific hold ‘ctrl’ and press ‘f’ to type in the date you’re are looking for.

This process might take a little while.

Aug 15, 2015 – The Assumption, a Pope, & a 3-Year-Old…

Big Changes

Blasphemes Against the Spirit

Blazes & Cairns (10.1.2016)

Blood Money

Buzzkill (9.24.2016)

Centurion’s Faith

Confident Humility


The Danger of Pharisees


The Dialogue

Discerning the Lord’s Will

A Disciple’s Commission

Eclipsed (8.6.2016)

Emissary Disciples

The Everyday Apostle

The Exception that Proves the Rule

The Faithless Generation

Give What is Due

Go Big and Go Home (8.13.2016)

God vs. Mammon

Golden Ticket (9.3.2016)

Great Expectations (9.17.2016)

Greater Than Who?

Guest Post: Born From Above, Here on Earth

He Fights for Us

He’ll do the Rest

Helping others Hear

Impelled by Love

Jesus Is

Just Trying to Help

Keep it Simple

Leaving the the Leaven

Lessons from the Past

Let Go of the Old

Life’s Distractions

A Loved Sinner; In That Order


Monica – Model Youth Minister/Model Disciple (8.27.2016)

My Magnificat

Names Have Meaning

“On the Feast of Stephen…”

Our Adolescent God

Pastoral Fruit (9.10.2016)

Prayer in the Storm

Praying with the Psalms

Preach Always: in Word & Deed

A Princess and a Daughter

Prophets (7.30.2016)

Sharing is Caring

A Sign of Contradiction

Silence is Golden

A Standard of Obedience

Storm Chaser’s

Quit Playing Games (7.23.16)

A Rabbi, a Father, and a Master Walk into a Gospel (8.20.2016)


Remind Me of My Forgetfulness, O Lord!

Rhythm of Inconvenience

Room to Grow

Rules of Acknowledgement

Speaking My Language

Spiritual Envy

Taking Responsibility

The Tetrarch

There’s No Place Like Home

Time & Space Can’t Keep Him Out

To be Seen

Unembarrassed Joy

We Needed It

Welcome to the Jordan

What Happened?

Whatever Happened to that Guy?

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