Identity Crisis

I was reflecting while getting ready for my day.  As my mind wandered from ‘How to explain the sleep cycles of an 18 month old?’ to ‘How do you ensure your loofah doesn’t run out of soap bubbles before cleaning your feet?’ a larger issue entered my brain.  I began to wonder, ‘How did Christian behavior get severed from Christian belief and identity?’ Continue reading “Identity Crisis”


A Revolutionary Idea of God

I’ve been watching the TV show Revolution on Netflix.Revolution_Infobox  It is a turn your brain off and go for the ride kind of show.  I enjoy the concept and the plot.  I have no problem with the way it seems to Frankenstein itself off of other Post-apocalyptic works.  It starts as a kind of step-child of S.M. Stirling’s Dies the Fire and CBS’ Jericho.  Its not so distant cousins certainly include Jeremiah and I’m sure a host of other shows and books I’ve never been exposed to or can’t recall.

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SPOILERS BELOW Continue reading “A Revolutionary Idea of God”

What’s in a Name?

I see myself as a questioner.

Now, some people would think that is absurd.  I’m a sold-out Catholic in love with my Faith, my Lord, and my Church.  To some  that makes me anything but a questioner.  It makes me a blind follower, a box checker, or simply a fool.

Obviously, I disagree with them. Continue reading “What’s in a Name?”