QotD – Adoration & Obedience – 2.15.2016

The splendor of theology, that devouring fire between two nights, two abysses: adoration and obedience.  Not for a single moment can theology forget its roots, from which all its nourishment is drawn: adoration, in which we see, in faith, the heavens opened; and obedience in living, which frees us to understand the truth. (Hans Urs von Balthasar, Explorations in Theology)


Leaving the the Leaven

A Reflection on a Reading from Exodus from the Fifteenth Saturday in Ordinary Time

A few years ago I came across the line “Sometimes delayed obedience is disobedience.”  It always sounded like a nice phrase to me, a little catchy quote to offer when I don’t know what other advice to give, but it never had much teeth.  I casually assumed that delayed obedience becoming disobedience was someone else’s problem, much like the way we assume bad stuff happens to someone else until it finally happens to us. Continue reading “Leaving the the Leaven”