QotD – Speaking from the Heart – 2.11.2016

“Our words must be set aflame not by shouts or unrestrained gestures, but by inward affection.  They must issue from our heart rather than from our mouth.  We must speak well, but heart speaks to heart, and the tongue speaks only to people’s ears.” (St. Francis de Sales, On the Preacher and Preaching)

Preach Always: in Word & Deed

 Reflection from the First Saturday in Advent

Scripture Readings

Disciples are sent to go and make new disciples.  We cannot remain merely recipients.  This is a tough part of the process.  We are constantly struggling to make sure that we are not imposing the Gospel and that we aren’t arrogantly failing to learn from those we go out to reach.  The struggle I find addressed in the Gospel today is the balance between words and actions.   Continue reading “Preach Always: in Word & Deed”