Silence is Golden

Scripture Readings

We live in a noisy time.  Between cell phone calls, whatever we have playing through Pandora, and the constant stream of noise that can come from the TV, we don’t get much silence.  We even demand silence before our noise.  You know the cheesy “turn-off your cell phone and don’t talk to the person next to you” video that plays before a movie starts.  And we only notice all that noise if we can hear it over the sound of our own voices.  All this noise makes Zechariah an interesting person to reflect on today. Continue reading “Silence is Golden”


Why I’m Doing a 33 Day Self-led Retreat

I’m currently on a self-led retreat known as 33 Days to Morning Glory.  It is a form of ‘Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary.’  When I initially agreed to undertake this journey with my friend Ryan, I didn’t have a particularly deep reason for doing it.  I knew I wanted to, but to be honest it was partly a cry for community and brotherhood, and partly a desire to check the box for another Catholic devotion.

However, as I sat in adoration (a prolonged time of prayer just sitting in the presence of the Lord) two compelling reasons struck me and those are the ones I wish to offer. Continue reading “Why I’m Doing a 33 Day Self-led Retreat”

My Magnificat

zechariahs-songA while back I wrote a reflection for my parish inviting people to sit down and write their magnificat; their own version of the Canticle of Mary, or Zechariah, or Simeon.  That reflection can be found here.

Shortly after that I issued the same challenge to the Youth Group I work with.  Below is my own magnificat. Continue reading “My Magnificat”