What is D&D?

I have a confession to make.

I’m nearly 30 and I still play make believe.

That’s right.  I get together with some friends, we sit around a table, and pretend that we are different people in a different land faced with the dangers of being eaten by a dragon or squished by a giant, instead of car repossession or stress from work.  Many people call this Dungeons & Dragons, though that is kind of like calling all facial tissues Kleenexes.  More accurately you call these tabletop role-playing games.  The tabletop part is important.

We don’t dress up like Aragorn from Lord of the Rings and hit one another with foam swords.  Nor do we sit in a semi-circle around a big TV ingesting the images produced from a game system.  Instead we use a graphics card that never gets outdated, our imagination.  We participate in a book of our own writing.  It’s like watching a TV show where our commercials are the side-topics that we want to talk about, not an attempt to sell us a car.

When I tell people, or my wife tells people, that I play D&D they are a little perplexed.  Maybe they think we sit around in robes as we play by candlelight.  We don’t.  We sit in a dining room or a basement, one of which has more OSU paraphernalia than a bar in Columbus.  Maybe they think we are too old for that or that we all must be super weird anti-social people.  The reality is, adventuring in a fantasy world of orcs and ghouls has offered me more than I expected.  Below, you’ll find my long answer to the question “What is D&D?”  You can follow each individual link or scroll past my rudimentary Table of Contents to each post (You can also look at pg 250 from the Dangerous Book for Boys).

Table of Contents is coming soon!