Our Many Faces # 3: The Riddle of God’s Mystery

When I finished watching The Dark Knight I was certain that I knew who the next main villain was going to be.  I could see it clearly.  Christopher Nolan was going to do for the Riddler what heThe-Riddler-Jim-Carrey-the-riddler-4519614-292-455 had done for the Joker.  The Joker was no longer a laughable villain in a purple suit, and I hoped that the Riddler would no longer bring back memories of Jim Carey in far too much green.  I assumed he was going to be a Sevenesque villain.  Wrapping each and every crime in a veil of mystery so thick that no one could prove his guilt and felt just as uncertain about even suspecting him.  Not only would this be a brilliant resurrection of E. Nigma, but it would also finally showcase Batman’s detective skills as well as his brawn on the big screen.

Alas, Mr. Nolan and I did not have similar visions for the third installment of the Batman movies.  Regardless, a brief foray through Batman lore will give us some more food for thought as we puzzle out the face of Christ among so many counterfeits. Continue reading “Our Many Faces # 3: The Riddle of God’s Mystery”


Our Many Faces #2: Welcome to the Madhouse

While Two-Face offered us a great reflection on what it is like to live a double life or maybe to live a morality of “balancing the scales,” there is another Batman villain who offers us a whole new perspective.

“See, I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

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Our Many Faces #1: Two-Face

When I share my testimony I don’t get far before I find myself saying the phrase “two-faced.”  And man I was two faced.  Now we all have potential to be two-faced, but over the next series of posts I want to explore the faces of humanity as we might see them presented to us.  Every post will close with THE Face of Humanity. Continue reading “Our Many Faces #1: Two-Face”