Who is Thomas Creed?

My name is not Thomas Creed.  My name is actually Spencer Hargadon.  If you want to know why my blog has the name it does, check out my first entry.

Otherwise, I’m married to my beautiful wife Beseda and we have a little boy Ignatius and daughter Hosanna.  I have the pleasure of working in ministry with Young Adults, College Students, and High School Teens.

I started this blog as an avenue of creatively writing and sharing my thoughts, life, and faith.

If you happen upon this little foyer into my mind.  Please, enjoy your stay.
Feel free to look around, and don’t worry about getting lost.
Below you’ll find a list of some of the various rooms you can visit and what you might find there.
All I ask is please don’t forget to say hello before you leave.

Ite Missa Est Reflections — Reflections that I write for Ite Missa Est, my parish’s Adult Faith Formation.

Mark 5:1-20 — An ongoing series of reflections on this passage.

Our Many Faces — Thinking about Jesus in light of Batman’s villains.  I’ll take requests for future villains.


Random Musings

Response to “Why I am Not a Roman Catholic”

Temptations of a Heady Christian

What About Mary


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